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Why Does Your Dog Need Myrrh Essential Oil?

You might have least heard of Myrrh oil because it is not generally used in India yet and not that famous. But you will be surprised to know that it has been used since ancient times and is known for many health benefits not just for humans but for animals as well. 

To name some major goodness of Myrrh is that it contains antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, is antiseptic, and also has astringent properties. It also has a sedative effect. They collectively give wide-ranging health benefits physically as well as emotionally.

The appearance of Myrrh essential oil is normally reddish-brown in color and is derived from the Commiphora myrrha tree. In India saints and sages have been using it since ages to cure cough, congestion & phlegm and to heal irritated and burned skin. 

Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil for dogs:

Supports Oral Health

As mentioned due to its antimicrobial properties this oil is best to treat oral infections and inflammation. Some mouthwashes and toothpaste companies use Myrrh as a natural ingredient. You can also use myrrh if your pet has painful mouth sores two times daily for a week and see the results yourself.

Relieves Skin Allergy:

Dogs don’t sit in one place and often get exposed to contaminated places which sometimes bring bacteria & dirt with them. Then Myrrh Oil’s antiseptic and anti-infectious properties are very helpful in easing their skin allergies & infection.

Alleviates Anxiety:

Dogs are one of the most sensitive and naïve animals and thus they get nervous easily in some distressed situations or in many innumerable reasons. Then the aromatherapy with diluted Myrrh essential oil can really be helpful in those circumstances to reduce their stress.

Regulates Emotions and mood

You can diffuse Myrrh essential oil around your pet to balance their emotions whenever they feel more hyped by feelings. It gives them calmness, confidence, and security. It also help in becoming alert and alleviates emotional distress.

Supports Skin Health 

Whenever your dog’s catches some fight with other dogs or have irritated skin then you can buy myrrh essential oils as it treats skin wounds, infections, heal wounds, etc. Studies have noted that myrrh and other essential oils are also friendly for pregnant dogs or pets and can be applied after delivery to sooth them.

Combats Pain and Swelling

In pets, joint pain and weak bones are of the common complaints. Myrrh oil contains heavy relieving compounds of upload receptors which indicate to the brain that you’re not in pain and it also stops the production of inflammatory chemicals which makes swelling and pain. You can buy myrrh oil to use it as a homeopathic treatment to relieve pain when applied directly to sore body parts. 

A Powerful Antioxidant

Myrrh is a powerful antioxidant that has compounds that combat oxidative damage and that have free radicals which help in fighting some serious diseases. However, it is seen that myrrh oil is much more effective than vitamin E.

Application of Myrrh Oil For Dogs;

  • Dilute and Apply Topically
    You can simply add 2-3 drops of myrrh essential oil to any other carrier oil like Jojoba or Sunflower oil, and gently apply it on pet’s skin. However, it is advised to consult your veterinarian before using any of essential oils on your pet. 
  • Diffuse
    Alternatively, you can add a few drops of oil into fresh water and put them in diffuser in the room where your pet is. Do not add more drops of the oil in excessive amounts because it might affect your pet’s nose.

Buy Myrrh Essential Oil for Dogs
Eco Aurous gets the ingredients straight from best sources for any essential oils. The plant’s and tree’s natural state gives best of purity and quality. We make myrrh oil from 100% pure extracts that help your pet in a multiple ways. So, if you online buy myrrh essential oil for dogs then choose our platform to give your pet a greater health and happiness.

Looking For The Perfect Oil For Your Dog? Marjoram Essential Oil Might Help!

Marjoram Essential Oil for

It is an herb that is widely used to make medicines from its flowers, leaves, and oil because of its healing and pure content. Marjoram is commonly used to reduce the impact of runny nose, cough, common cold, and other infectious issues. It also helps in various digestion problems in pets. So, it is safe to buy online Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil For Dogs as long they need it. For knowledge, marjoram herb is also used in foods as flavorings. In the cosmetic manufacturing2 industry, it is highly used in fragrance soaps, cosmetics products, lotions, and perfumes.

Marjoram Essential Oil for Dogs

Health Benefits Of Marjoram Essential Oil for dogs

The prominent answer to why marjoram essential oil has many health benefits is because of its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, and antiviral activities. Adding to it, this oil also acts as a natural carminative, digestive, and diuretic that treats several health issues in dogs mostly digestive problems, infections, and congestion.

The strong anti-inflammatory components of marjoram help greatly in reducing inflammation in dogs.

The antimicrobial aspect of this essential oil is that it heals fungal infections and harmful bacteria in the stomach of pets.

Its natural expectorant trait is definitely effective in giving relief from congestion and combats common cold, cough, and other infections that dogs might get outside the home.

The sedative effect of this really helpful aromatic herb greatly relaxes and soothes both mind and body, lessening stress and anxiety. Also helps those who are suffering from grief and loss. 

Marjoram (sweet) is a very warming and comforting oil that helps oversensitive and emotional pets while in an unease mental state. It helps with comfort and calms them.

Marjoram also helps to soothe their digestive system. If female dogs get heavy cramps, indigestion, constipation, or flatulence then applying this oil to the stomach might help.

Buy Online Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil For Dogs

The company ‘Eco Aurous’ carries a lot of products for dogs and other pets. We provide a powerful blend of essential oils like chamomile, lavender, and sweet marjoram for your pet’s welfare.

The purity of essential oil ingredients is a concern, so it’s important to buy Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil For Dogs from reliable and reputable sources only in order to be sure of purchasing a good quality product and we provide the best of it.

5 Best Essential Oils To Reduce Belly Fat| Essential Oils That Help Burn Belly Fat.

Since the ancient age, humans have praised the healing skills of essential oils for minor aches to major despair. There is evidence to signify that certain oils do have medicinal properties.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and left in their purest, rawest form. Due of this, they are often visible as an herbal alternative to traditional medicinal drugs.

If you are willing to shed a few pounds, then essential oils and traditional massages can do wonders in your weight loss journey without much of a hassle.

Hitting the gym, following diet and rigid lifestyle guidelines, can be troublesome, specifically when you are willing to lose those few kilograms. People are looking for food regimens, tablets, and different fat-burning processes to get rid of the stored fat. All these options look fascinating, but it does not fit well in our busy schedules or might cause side effects.

Losing these extra pounds will not be difficult if you consider adding essential oils in your weight loss journey, as ayurvedic massages are becoming widely popular because of their therapeutic values in reducing stubborn belly fat.

How are essential oil proving to be beneficial resources in weight loss?

Essential Oils can help the body deal with stress and tension, heal muscle ache, swelling, tightness, and improve temper issues. Massages with the essential oils enhance the overall texture of your skin by unclogging pores of excess fat. Which will increase metabolism resulting in reduction of stomach fat. They will enhance your weight loss and will help to release a hormone resulting in the smoothness of body with mental peace. For instance, essential oils consisting of lavender can promote higher sleep and relieve insomnia. When you get the proper quantity of sleep, you’re more likely to have a productive day.

Essential oils promote more strength to work out and less desire to eat sugary meals. People who’re tired are normally more likely to attain bad snacks or instant food which could offer an instant sugar rush resulting in weight gain.

5 effective essential oils to reduce stubborn belly fat.

You must have heard about multiple essential oils that reduce belly fat however, you are uncertain which one is best. Do not worry, we are here to rescue you. We have listed five magical essential oils that help you to reduce belly fat. Our organic oils are effective that will help you on your fat loss journey.

1. Castor oil

It is made up of the castor bean plant in its natural form. Omega-nine fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids are all in ample amount in this oil. It carries a full-size quantity of ricinolein acid and fatty acids. Absorption of Castor oil via skin leads to an increase in lymphocyte count in the immune system, which helps to reduction of   belly fat. It can additionally flush out toxins and reduce fat unsaturated fats and hence reduce the fat.

  • Get rid of excess water and reduce inflammation
  • when we apply castor oil topically, it helps to reduce inflammation and cramps during menstruation. Castor oil can manage the retention of fluid and regulation of water fluctuations.
  • Balancing fluid helps in the proper functioning of the digestive tract, reducing bloating and making a slimmer profile of the belly flab.

2. Lemon Oil

Like lemon water help you to reduce stubborn fat similarly, lemon extracts in our essential oils can do wonders to reduce belly fat.

  • It helps boost your energy level and promotes healthy digestion, making you feel fresh and energetic.
  • Breathing the aroma of lemon essential oil promotes the breakdown of fat and uplifts your mood

3. Coconut Essential Oil

Coconut oil is also said to assist with digestion, lessens hunger, and improves metabolism. When applied topically coconut oil breaks the fat into smaller pieces and reduces the belly fat.

  • Helps to raise the level of HDL
  • Burns fat
  • Coconut oil raises the level of HDL(Good) Cholesterol in the blood and diminishes cardiovascular disease and obesity.

4. Peppermint Oil

  • Peppermint promotes cleansing of the lymphatic system, and it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • By applying it topically, one can support the gallbladder, reduce inflammation, and reduce weight.

5. Almond Oil

The almond oil is extracted by cold pressing almonds, which helps preserve the essential ingredients. It is extraordinarily rich in Vitamin E, also known as a beauty Vitamin. It helps in nourishing, moisturizing, and hydrating the skin. It tightens the loose skin and provides flatness. Along with beauty vitamins, almond oil is rich in Omega 3, lipid acids, copper, zinc, and phosphorus. The abundance of Omega 3 and lipid acid reduces belly fat without making your skin loose and provides illuminating moisturized skin.

How to apply essential oils for fat reduction?

1. Practice deep breathing to relax your body.

2. Pour a few drops of oil into your palm and rub down your belly fat for 4-5 minutes in a clockwise motion.

3. Massage your left rib in a circular motion for 5 mins and repeat the same process for your right rib.

4. Massage your left hip bore with three arms in a clockwise direction upward into your sternum for 5 mins, then repeat at the right facet.

5. Place each palm on each aspect of your belly, going through every other, and squeeze your palms collectively while pushing your stomach fats for another 5 mins.

6. Pinch the pores and skin on your stomach and slide your arms from the backside to the pinnacle, grabbing new pores and skin flap whenever. Repeat for the whole belly.

7. Grab your belly with both fingers and shake it vigorously for two mins.

8. Finally, rub down your whole tummy for five minutes in a counter-clockwise course along with your palm.

It will promote blood circulation and help in the absorption of oil into the skin.

Apart from the above-listed oils, you can choose- Lavender oil, Grapefruit oil, Bergamot oil, Ginger oil, Juniper berry oil, Rosemary oil, and a lot more from our exciting and wide range of essential oils. At

ECO Aurous, we provide naturally extracted essential oils that give a slimmer waistline and glowing skin. You can thank us later.


Obesity is an issue in modern-day society, where abdominal fat is impossible to reduce due to lifestyle and eating habits. The available solutions are temporary and provide no long-run benefits. We all are scared by the side effects of such temporary solutions.

We got this covered for you, with us let’s look back at the ancient art of massaging, healing the body, and detoxifying it, seeking the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of essential oils reducing abdominal fat.

These oils will give you the body you desire whereas applying them is no rocket science. It’s simple yet remarkably effective in giving you desirable results.

 If you have not tried yet, then do not wait. Order your magical oils now.

Can We Use Lavender Essential Oils For Pets?

Lavender plants are a must to have in your garden. Its miraculous properties for humans are well known to the world and probably that is why the Essential Oil derived from this lavender plant is so popular in today’s world. But do you know that like humans this beautiful purple plant is full of amazing benefits for your pets??? YES !!! Lavender essential oil is great when it comes to treating your cats and dogs with it. Some of the common benefits of this essential oils to your pets are as follows:

  • Reduce inflammation in both joints and wounds
  • Provide relief for itchy or irritated skin
  • Be used as a wound wash to take the sting out of bites and burns
  • Create a feeling of calm when ingested orally OR when used in aromatherapy 
  • Ward off fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and other pesky bugs
  • Fight germs and promote healing

Talking specifically about Lavender essential oil for dogs is great and serves the following goodness to your pooch:

  1. It can soothe your dog’s irritated or itchy skin
  2. This oil is to help relax or relieve stress.
  3. If your dog has an issue with fleas and ticks, or if pesky mosquitoes swarm on your next trek out of the house, applying some diluted oil to your dog’s coat could help reduce the chance of bites.
  4. It can fight off bacteria and fungus that could ultimately harm your dog.

Talking about cats, the use of essential oil is pretty sensitive. The dosage that should be given to cats should be taken in a very serious condition.  A little high doses of lavender essential oils can be fatal to your cat. Use Lavender essential oil for Cats only in diffusers and closely watch their reactions to that.

Sometime when the essential oil is given too much to your pets or their exposure is pretty much high than actually what it should be then, It is advised to take the note of the following reactions:

  • Excessive Drooling
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea 
  • Lethargy
  • Refusing to Eat
  • Neurological symptoms, such as staggering or shaking
  • Decreased respiratory rate, asthma, or aspiration pneumonia
  • Changes to heart rate
  • Liver failure 

Following are the ways in which it is best suited for your pets when it comes to their exposure to essential oils:

  • Synthetic air fresheners, plug-ins, and scented candles
  • Floor and carpet cleaners which contain harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances
  • Laundry detergent with artificial fragrances and chemicals
  • Scented fabric softeners and dryer sheets

Use Eco Aurous’ Lavender essential oil which is 100% pure and  extracted in the most natural ways. So enjoy the limited dose of this miraculous essential oil and see happy wagging tails.

Which Essential Oils Are Safe For Dogs & Cats?

Essential oils are  safe for Dogs and Cats??? This is something that we all want to know.  Essential oils have great benefits, so pet parents may want to use them to help their dogs with health problems – especially if other methods of treatment haven’t been working. While they may have some benefits, using essential oils on dogs and cats may possess serious risks. They should only be used sparingly and with great caution. We advise talking to your veterinarian and doing your research before attempting to use them. 

 Lets know more about the Essential oils good for Dogs:

  1. Clary sage Essential Oil for Dogs It is the best for Stress Relief. Diffusing this oil in a room creates a calm atmosphere. It’s a great oil after a stressful day, when the dogs are going bonkers. This essential oil contains antibacterial properties which are helpful for dogs to treat wounds, cuts, skin infections, irritation and burns. Also its antifungal properties help to treat Candida in itchy dogs.

    Use Tip – Add a few drops of this oil into water and place the mixture in a diffuser.  Let the aroma mix into the surroundings and see your dog soaking the best effects of this oil.
  1. German blue Chamomile Essential Oil for Dogs: This oil helps to reduce allergic reactions. It also works for reducing swelling. This oil has anti inflammatory properties and they are good for your dog’s skin and coat. This also helps to calm the anxious nerves in dogs and may also reduce the teething pain, cramps and muscle pain in them.

    Use Tip – You can put a few drops in your pet’s homemade shampoo or DIY flea repellent spray- as the soothing effect of this plant is great for irritated skin.
  1. Helichrysum Essential Oil for Dogs – This can be used for bleeding issues in dogs who have clotting problems and for those with issues of the circulatory system to prevent bleeding. It’s used to treat some cardiac, nervous system, and skin conditions too. This oil may help repair nerve cells as well as skin cells to speed healing. 

    Use Tip – You can directly give a massage of this oils mixed with some olive oil. This will help treat the skin ailment.
  1. Myrrh Essential Oil for Dogs – This oil is noted to help pups who are dealing with skin irritations. Myrrh has an antiseptic quality (as well as astringent properties), making it a great cleanser. It’s also possible that, when applied regularly, it can help clear up patches of irritated skin. It also helps soothe your pooch’s sore gums and manage teething pain.

    Use Tip – You can use it in a diffuser, add a few drops of this oil in  water and here you go. This is for relief in respiratory infections. You can also mix it with the shampoo and can give a thorough bath massage to your dog.
  1. Sweet Orange Essential Oil for Dogs – This oil is energizing, helps with skin irritations and is effective for deodorizing dog odors and repelling fleas. can be used for a variety of applications that range from lifting mood and reducing stress to adding a fresh, citrusy aroma to a room.

    Use Tip – Use this oil in a diffuser to lift up their mood and reduce their stress. You can also add a drop to their Collar so that the other Dogs maintain a distance while you take your dog for a stroll.
  1. Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil for Dogs – This oil works well for overly sensitive and emotional pets. Also this helps in relieving  anxiety, stress and helps to calm hyperactivity. This essential oil helps to comfort and soothe frayed nerves, and relax the nervous system. Marjoram also relieves anxiety, stress and helps to calm hyperactivity. This one is  ideal for highly-strung breeds.

    Use Tip – Mix this with water or a carrier oil and spritz on your dog’s bedding. It  promotes a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and confidence.
  1. Rose Essential Oil for Dogs – All mental ailments respond well to the aromatherapy of rose, as its scent naturally calms the mind and relaxes the body. This oil is of great help if your dog is showing itchy, irritated, or dry skin. It has got the smell that ticks dislike, making this oil a natural tick repellent.

    Use Tip – It can be added to a diffuser, giving your home a pleasant scent while simultaneously soothing an anxious dog when you are not home. OR It can be applied topically to the body, with its calming effects seeping into the skin of the dog.
  1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil for Dogs – This helps with skin dryness and promotes healthy skin.  Commonly used as a topical treatment, carrot seed oil helps aid skin dryness and promotes healthier skin. Depending on how much this oil is being used, it can help to eliminate harmful airborne bacteria and offensive odors

    Use Tip – Use 1-2 drops at first and let the aroma seep through the room in 15-minute intervals. OR Use a few drops of your dog’s shampoo and see the magic.
  1. Peppermint Essential Oil for Dogs – It is a great reliever when Dogs are overheated. It can be used on long hikes As an analgesic, it can be used for acute injury as well.  So buy online peppermint essential oil dogs. Because of its antiseptic properties it is safe to use in highly diluted form on open wounds and injuries. 

    Use Tip – If your pet has some mild muscle pain, peppermint can be an effective ingredient in a muscle rub or salve that is applied topically. OR it can be used as a topical application for relief from itching, muscle pain, and headache.

For Cats, there are just one or two Essential Oils that are for the perfect use:  


  1. Frankincense Essential Oil for Cats – This oil is of great use if your cat is showing signs of anxiety.  This can help calm the central nervous system of the cats.  It has anti-inflammatory agents and its woody fragrance is great to  elevate mood and combat anxiety and stress. It possesses antiseptic and disinfectant properties as well which helps the immune power. 

    Use Tip – For cats, water diffusion is preferred, if applied topically dilute 1 drop per 100 drops of carrier oil prior to applying to the area of concern or by petting along the spine.
  1. Lavender Oil for Cats – This oil can be used for Skin, Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Emotional Balance in your cats. But be sure that it is properly diluted before applying or using them. 

    Use Tip – Put 10 – 20 drops of essential oil in an 8 oz. spray bottle filled with water. Shake before use. Sprites cat’s bed/blanket to help calm the anxiousness. Use for separation anxiety, calming to sleep, transporting and to help in any transitions.

When Essential Oils are introduced to the pet’s environment, the area in which it is used should be an open area with easy access to fresh air and from which the pet is free to leave. Essential Oils should be introduced one at a time in low doses in order to make it easy to spot the culprit in case of a potential allergic reaction.

Using Essential Oils for Pets and cats, whether applying them topically or diffusing them throughout a room to promote sleep, immune function, relaxation, or for any other mental or physical improvement, ensure that thorough research is conducted regarding their benefits and side effects, especially when using them in pet care. You can buy online peppermint essential oil for dogs that are of great value in your pet care regime.

Top 5 Oil For Body Massage In Winters

Winter is here and along with it comes the problem of dry and flaky skin. Winters are the harsh time of the year when your body gets exposed to cold and dry wind. Massaging is a healing technique that has been around for over 200 years. It is popular in India because of Ayurveda, but it has been a part of other cultures too. Massage therapy, which is basically kneading the muscles after applying oil can treat a variety of ailments. Also Body massage is a way through which one can get good skin in winters.

Here we are selecting top 5 oils which are great for body massage, especially in winters

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

This non sticky and non greasy oil is perfect for everyday massage. The benefits of olive oil massage on skin are aplenty. Not only does it help in keeping dry skin at bay, but also nourishes the skin from within, giving you a soft and supple skin.

Tip to use

Mix sweet almond carrier oil and olive oil with vitamin E oil, which is again a perfect ingredient for skin care. While massaging, an addition of vitamin E capsule could provide great results.

Mustard Carrier Oil

mustard oil massage can help radically improve blood circulation in the body. This way, the joint and muscle pains keep at bay during the dry and cold winter. Mustard oil is inherently warm. Massaging with the oil can help not only warm up the body but retain the body heat inside.

Tip to use

A mixture of mustard carrier oil and coconut oil can be used to massage our entire body. It helps prevent flaky skin.

Coconut Essential Oil

Parched and chapped areas of skin exposed to winter elements can be painful. Coconut oil helps to hydrate, repair and protect it even in harsh conditions. Anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil can help to reduce inflammation to moisturize and promote healing of the skin.

Tip to use

Apply a small amount of warm coconut essential oil on your skin and massage it around in circles. Until the skin completely absorbs it, you must massage this oil into your skin.

Jojoba Carrier Oil

Using jojoba oil for your massages deeply moisturizes your skin and the oil absorbs quickly without leaving an oily residue. Jojoba oil is non allergic. It is just like the natural sebum produced by the skin and can be used on all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is non-greasy. It’s non-sticky and also not oily.

Tip to use

Apply jojoba carrier oil right after cleansing to let it fully absorb. You can also mix it into a dollop of your favorite moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration

Aloe Vera Carrier Oil

Aloe vera carrier oil is non-oily and gentle and penetrates the skin layers providing deep moisturisation for the skin. 

Tip to use

Massage your face, neck and hands using aloe vera gel right before you hit the bed. Wake up to smooth, silky soft skin.

These oils help you to take care of your body and skin. Experts suggest that winter season is the best for massages.As winter is setting in, your body as well as your skin need nourishment from the harsh weather conditions that cause dry skin as well as the lethargy that generally sets in as a result of cold weather.

Essential Oils To Be Used For Dogs

With the increasing popularity of essential oils being used in various ways, it’s important to know that if these oils are beneficial for just humans or it can be also used for Dogs.  The use of essential oils can be traced back nearly 5000 years in both India and Egypt. Dogs are scent-driven animals. Not all the essential oils are helpful for your dogs. There are few which can be really toxic and may lead to serious situations. While using these oils, the two most important aspects to be taken care of are, purity and proper dilution.

You can use the following essential oils which are researched to be safe for your wagging tale friends.

  1. Cedar Oil: As a pet parent you are always worried for the fleas and ticks which get attached to your pets while taking them out for a walk or when they try to be friend with the other dogs around.  Cedar essential oil is great to act as insect repellent.

Method to use: It can be used effectively for pets in a water diffuser to calm them. If your dog acts a little sleepy it’s a response to the aroma therapeutic quality of the cedar essential oils.

  • Lavender Oil: This oil is considered to be one of the most versatile essential oils which help creating a sense of peace and harmony and offers a calming effect for dogs. Of your dog is having anxiety or showing some strange behavior, you can use lavender oil in some diffuser to help him being calm.

Method to use: Placing a few drops of lavender oil on a dog’s bedding may help calm them

  • Lemongrass Oil: Another oil to keep ticks and fleas away from your pooch is this oil. It contains citral and geraniol that off-put the fleas and ticks and can also improve the condition of your dog’s skin.

Method to use: Add some drops to his bath water or mix it with shampoo when giving a bath.

  • Rosemary Oil: Your pet buddy keeps on scratching the area where tics or fleas bite rigorously. This oil can help him to heal skin irritations. It also has antimicrobial properties and works as a natural preservative when used in dog food.

Method to use: Add one drop of rosemary to any carrier oil like coconut or grape seed and apply to a flea or tick bite spot to accelerate healing. 

While using essential oils for your dogs, following are some precautions that you should always take care of:

  • Do not apply or feed essential oils directly to Dogs
  • Some oils do have insect repellant capabilities and smell great but they have the risk of serious or fatal reactions to your fur baby.
  • If your Dog has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions, avoid using essential oils.
  • Please consult with your Vet before using any essential oil to your dog.

Best Essential Oils For Sore Throat Infection, Remedies And Cure

Sore Throat Infection is understood by pain, irritation, swollen glands, muffled voice and scratchiness of the throat that doesn’t allow one to swallow anything and it sometimes causes Fever, Cough, Running nose, Sneezing, Headache, Nausea and even Body ache.  Mostly the reason behind this problem is bacterial infection or virus infection.

There are few Essential Oils which may lead to relief to sore throat and can treat them and heal them in no time. Few of such Essential Oils are listed here for your reference:

  1. Thyme’s powerful antibacterial properties that fight against common strains of bacteria helps prevent coughing and thus give relief in such condition.
  2. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which helps in treating pain and irritation in throat.
  3.  Tea Tree Oil can anytime be used as an antiseptic against gum infection which may leads to painful throat.
  4. A blend of Cinnamon, wild carrot, and eucalyptus and rosemary Essential oils has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which makes it a perfect solution for treating cold, cough and flue which ultimately eases throat.
  5. With strong antibacterial effects against the bacteria that cause listeria, Lemon Oil is amongst the best oils to treat the infected throat.
  6. Inhaling Peppermint oil also gives relief to swollen throat because of its antibiotic properties.
  7. Ginger oil is best known for its soothing effect in common cold.
  8. Rich in antiviral and antifungal properties, Garlic oil is helpful in treating Sore throat.
  9. Oregano Oil fights with cough and cold, alleviates inflammation and give relief in infected throat.

Remedies and Cures at Home to treat Sore throat:

  1. The prime and most cost effective remedy to treat infected throat at home is Gargling. Mix a tablespoon of salt into warm water. Gargle your throat thoroughly and repeat it at least 8-10 times. Spit it out every time and try not to consume it.
  2. Warm Peppermint tea with honey in it works miraculously on infected throat.
  3. Relief can be obtained by steam inhalation.  Add 7 drops of any above mentioned oil and mix it up with 2 cups of boiling water. Cover your head with towel and inhale the steam. Keep your eyes closed to avoid any irritation.
  4. One can directly inhale these oils through a cotton ball for instant relief.
  5. Add few drops to room diffuser and see the magic around you.
  6. Add these oils with any carrier oil and gently massage on your neck (throat).
  7. Often used for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and astringent properties, Chamomile tea is a great solution for such infection. It also stimulates body’s immune system.
  8. Gargling baking soda mixed with salt water can help relieve a sore throat as well.
  9. Marshmallow root contains a mucus-like substance that coats and soothes a sore throat.
  10. With its effective antifungal properties, Fenugreek can relieve pain and kill bacteria that cause irritation or inflammation.

These all are general home remedies that should be taken under Doctor’s guidance to avoid any kind of risks. Stay away from people with cold and if you are the one suffering with cold, PUT YOUR MASK ON!!

How To Use Aphrodisiac Blend Aromatherapy Essential Oil For Better Health

In today’s time where partners have a hectic schedule, busy hours and stressful days, being intimate becomes a challenge at the end of the day. Want to boost Libido and want to have better intimacy with partner??

The top essential Oils which work as Aphrodisiac by stimulating Libido and intimacy hormones are Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage. Sandalwood increases mood and higher levels of desire. Lavender significantly decreases anxiety and stress. Ylang Ylang brings feelings of euphoria. Clary sage helps ease issues with women’s reproductive systems. Apart from these oils, many aromatic oils that have been reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities are the sweet flavors of cinnamon, bergamot, cedar wood, chocolate, vanilla, roses and patchouli.

Talking about how to use Aphrodisiac Blend Aromatherapy Essential Oil for better health, there can be many ways to use them. Some are listed as follows:

  1. These oils are commonly used directly on skin diluted with carrier oils. Apart from application on skin. Be careful while applying them in skin directly. Never use them directly on skin without doing a Patch Test.
  2. These oils can also be used through aromatherapy, in a massage. In this way the scent of the oil activates one’s muscle system and boosting their blood flow.  Many countries do practice various kinds of aromatherapy and massage practices. This helps in relaxing body, soul and mind.
  3. Also these oils can be used in baths. One can prepare an essential oil bath by mixing 3 to 12 drops of an essential oil with an ounce of carrier oil and adding it to a bathtub filled with warm water. This will ease body and will calm mind resulting soothing body and mind. Imagine after a tiring day at work, having great fragrances in warm water with your partner may provide you ultimate sense of togetherness.
  4. Another way to use these oils is using them as Diffusers. The diffusers can be made in form of candles, electric air dispensers, and earthen pots. Diffusers are a good choice for people who may not want to apply an essential oil directly to their skin. Diffusers can be of use just not in home but in offices and cars also.

Now the question arises, where to buy these oils in India. Eco Aurous presents a wide range of these aphrodisiac quality oils not just Pan India but across the world. At Eco Aurous these oils are extracted through cold press and distillation which helps to extract the essence without looking its medicinal properties. Eco Aurous provides you these oils at best price and ship them worldwide. Eco Aurous do have a presence at Facebook, Instagram and an e commerce website from where you can order these 100% natural oils.

How Essential Oils Help In Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological issue that emerges as the kid is still in utero or not long after labor, because of advancements in the mind. The condition influences the engine, muscle tone and movement of a kid. It is essential to discover any help from agony.

Common medicines without extra symptoms of the systems or medications are viewed as better for relief from discomfort. Essential oils helps in smooth wear, clear your head and diminish weakness.

Fragrance based treatment can be extremely useful for individuals (all ages) with a wide range of inabilities, specifically in joined with back rub. Like the basic oils, Touch violates everything. They arrive at the most profound piece of a person to adjust and adjust.

Cerebral loss of motion influences individuals in different manners and can impact body movement, musculoskeletal control, muscle coordination, tone, reflexes, stance, and parity.

Cerebral spastic loss of motion is a malady that prompts ceaseless agony, regularly at specific purposes of delicacy on the body. Delicate (solid, ligament and tendon) muscle-starved tissues may likewise have SCP indications, decay torment tireless surplus strong overactivity can cause muscle torment. The unusual draw of spastic muscle may likewise cause torment because of changes in joint position and twists.

Tragically, there is at present no remedy for a great many individuals experiencing CP. Recently have demonstrative criteria have been presented, and for certain patients the symptomatic procedure may take years. There are most likely a lot more individuals living with Cerebral Paralysis in the United States. A few associations gauge that about 10 million individuals are influenced.

This makes it imperative to incorporate comprehensive, regular medicines both when you are analyzed in your general agony treatment plan. Cerebral Paralysis basic oils may help the side effects of the temper before a determination is made. Since your agony treatment ought to incorporate various medicines, fundamental oils offer more secure extra treatment with any medicine by a specialist.

In view of their capacity to treat various basic CP indications, we think these fundamental oils are really the best for CP patients:

Ginger is a lovely warming zest that can reduce agony and upgrade versatility. Can be utilized to treat torment, muscle agony and strains of ailment.

Dark Pepper is a warming flavor to diminish growing, animate and improve flow, giving the side effects the best increment in winter prompt alleviation from ailment and joint pain.

Narrative proof demonstrates that basic peppermint essential oil is useful for reducing cerebral agony and irritation. You can weaken this oil into the joints and the muscles in a bearer oil to give help with discomfort and blood course to the furthest points.

Essential oil treatment has broad advantages for cerebrally incapacitated youngsters. Just as physical increases, passionate and mental upgrades can be accomplished in patients with cerebral loss of motion associated with the treatment. The advantages of the treatment incorporates:

  • Diminish muscle strain and firmness
  • Increment scope of movement
  • Calm muscle fits
  • Diminish pressure and strain
  • Include adaptability
  • Invigorate dissemination
  • Oversee torment
  • Bolster generally speaking wellbeing and health
  • Diminish expanding
  • Stance Improvement

Note: Cerebral loss of motion is an actual existence length sickness, and reciprocal medicines and adjustments to way of life are considered, not medications. Once more, it is critical to talk about treatments and medicines with a restorative expert in the event that you accept that your kid creates at a decreased rate.