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Essential Oils To Be Used For Dogs

With the increasing popularity of essential oils being used in various ways, it’s important to know that if these oils are beneficial for just humans or it can be also used for Dogs.  The use of essential oils can be traced back nearly 5000 years in both India and Egypt. Dogs are scent-driven animals. Not all the essential oils are helpful for your dogs. There are few which can be really toxic and may lead to serious situations. While using these oils, the two most important aspects to be taken care of are, purity and proper dilution.

You can use the following essential oils which are researched to be safe for your wagging tale friends.

  1. Cedar Oil: As a pet parent you are always worried for the fleas and ticks which get attached to your pets while taking them out for a walk or when they try to be friend with the other dogs around.  Cedar essential oil is great to act as insect repellent.

Method to use: It can be used effectively for pets in a water diffuser to calm them. If your dog acts a little sleepy it’s a response to the aroma therapeutic quality of the cedar essential oils.

  • Lavender Oil: This oil is considered to be one of the most versatile essential oils which help creating a sense of peace and harmony and offers a calming effect for dogs. Of your dog is having anxiety or showing some strange behavior, you can use lavender oil in some diffuser to help him being calm.

Method to use: Placing a few drops of lavender oil on a dog’s bedding may help calm them

  • Lemongrass Oil: Another oil to keep ticks and fleas away from your pooch is this oil. It contains citral and geraniol that off-put the fleas and ticks and can also improve the condition of your dog’s skin.

Method to use: Add some drops to his bath water or mix it with shampoo when giving a bath.

  • Rosemary Oil: Your pet buddy keeps on scratching the area where tics or fleas bite rigorously. This oil can help him to heal skin irritations. It also has antimicrobial properties and works as a natural preservative when used in dog food.

Method to use: Add one drop of rosemary to any carrier oil like coconut or grape seed and apply to a flea or tick bite spot to accelerate healing. 

While using essential oils for your dogs, following are some precautions that you should always take care of:

  • Do not apply or feed essential oils directly to Dogs
  • Some oils do have insect repellant capabilities and smell great but they have the risk of serious or fatal reactions to your fur baby.
  • If your Dog has asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions, avoid using essential oils.
  • Please consult with your Vet before using any essential oil to your dog.