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Which Essential Oils Are Safe For Dogs & Cats?

Essential oils are  safe for Dogs and Cats??? This is something that we all want to know.  Essential oils have great benefits, so pet parents may want to use them to help their dogs with health problems – especially if other methods of treatment haven’t been working. While they may have some benefits, using essential oils on dogs and cats may possess serious risks. They should only be used sparingly and with great caution. We advise talking to your veterinarian and doing your research before attempting to use them. 

 Lets know more about the Essential oils good for Dogs:

  1. Clary sage Essential Oil for Dogs It is the best for Stress Relief. Diffusing this oil in a room creates a calm atmosphere. It’s a great oil after a stressful day, when the dogs are going bonkers. This essential oil contains antibacterial properties which are helpful for dogs to treat wounds, cuts, skin infections, irritation and burns. Also its antifungal properties help to treat Candida in itchy dogs.

    Use Tip – Add a few drops of this oil into water and place the mixture in a diffuser.  Let the aroma mix into the surroundings and see your dog soaking the best effects of this oil.
  1. German blue Chamomile Essential Oil for Dogs: This oil helps to reduce allergic reactions. It also works for reducing swelling. This oil has anti inflammatory properties and they are good for your dog’s skin and coat. This also helps to calm the anxious nerves in dogs and may also reduce the teething pain, cramps and muscle pain in them.

    Use Tip – You can put a few drops in your pet’s homemade shampoo or DIY flea repellent spray- as the soothing effect of this plant is great for irritated skin.
  1. Helichrysum Essential Oil for Dogs – This can be used for bleeding issues in dogs who have clotting problems and for those with issues of the circulatory system to prevent bleeding. It’s used to treat some cardiac, nervous system, and skin conditions too. This oil may help repair nerve cells as well as skin cells to speed healing. 

    Use Tip – You can directly give a massage of this oils mixed with some olive oil. This will help treat the skin ailment.
  1. Myrrh Essential Oil for Dogs – This oil is noted to help pups who are dealing with skin irritations. Myrrh has an antiseptic quality (as well as astringent properties), making it a great cleanser. It’s also possible that, when applied regularly, it can help clear up patches of irritated skin. It also helps soothe your pooch’s sore gums and manage teething pain.

    Use Tip – You can use it in a diffuser, add a few drops of this oil in  water and here you go. This is for relief in respiratory infections. You can also mix it with the shampoo and can give a thorough bath massage to your dog.
  1. Sweet Orange Essential Oil for Dogs – This oil is energizing, helps with skin irritations and is effective for deodorizing dog odors and repelling fleas. can be used for a variety of applications that range from lifting mood and reducing stress to adding a fresh, citrusy aroma to a room.

    Use Tip – Use this oil in a diffuser to lift up their mood and reduce their stress. You can also add a drop to their Collar so that the other Dogs maintain a distance while you take your dog for a stroll.
  1. Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil for Dogs – This oil works well for overly sensitive and emotional pets. Also this helps in relieving  anxiety, stress and helps to calm hyperactivity. This essential oil helps to comfort and soothe frayed nerves, and relax the nervous system. Marjoram also relieves anxiety, stress and helps to calm hyperactivity. This one is  ideal for highly-strung breeds.

    Use Tip – Mix this with water or a carrier oil and spritz on your dog’s bedding. It  promotes a sense of tranquility, relaxation, and confidence.
  1. Rose Essential Oil for Dogs – All mental ailments respond well to the aromatherapy of rose, as its scent naturally calms the mind and relaxes the body. This oil is of great help if your dog is showing itchy, irritated, or dry skin. It has got the smell that ticks dislike, making this oil a natural tick repellent.

    Use Tip – It can be added to a diffuser, giving your home a pleasant scent while simultaneously soothing an anxious dog when you are not home. OR It can be applied topically to the body, with its calming effects seeping into the skin of the dog.
  1. Carrot Seed Essential Oil for Dogs – This helps with skin dryness and promotes healthy skin.  Commonly used as a topical treatment, carrot seed oil helps aid skin dryness and promotes healthier skin. Depending on how much this oil is being used, it can help to eliminate harmful airborne bacteria and offensive odors

    Use Tip – Use 1-2 drops at first and let the aroma seep through the room in 15-minute intervals. OR Use a few drops of your dog’s shampoo and see the magic.
  1. Peppermint Essential Oil for Dogs – It is a great reliever when Dogs are overheated. It can be used on long hikes As an analgesic, it can be used for acute injury as well.  So buy online peppermint essential oil dogs. Because of its antiseptic properties it is safe to use in highly diluted form on open wounds and injuries. 

    Use Tip – If your pet has some mild muscle pain, peppermint can be an effective ingredient in a muscle rub or salve that is applied topically. OR it can be used as a topical application for relief from itching, muscle pain, and headache.

For Cats, there are just one or two Essential Oils that are for the perfect use:  


  1. Frankincense Essential Oil for Cats – This oil is of great use if your cat is showing signs of anxiety.  This can help calm the central nervous system of the cats.  It has anti-inflammatory agents and its woody fragrance is great to  elevate mood and combat anxiety and stress. It possesses antiseptic and disinfectant properties as well which helps the immune power. 

    Use Tip – For cats, water diffusion is preferred, if applied topically dilute 1 drop per 100 drops of carrier oil prior to applying to the area of concern or by petting along the spine.
  1. Lavender Oil for Cats – This oil can be used for Skin, Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, Emotional Balance in your cats. But be sure that it is properly diluted before applying or using them. 

    Use Tip – Put 10 – 20 drops of essential oil in an 8 oz. spray bottle filled with water. Shake before use. Sprites cat’s bed/blanket to help calm the anxiousness. Use for separation anxiety, calming to sleep, transporting and to help in any transitions.

When Essential Oils are introduced to the pet’s environment, the area in which it is used should be an open area with easy access to fresh air and from which the pet is free to leave. Essential Oils should be introduced one at a time in low doses in order to make it easy to spot the culprit in case of a potential allergic reaction.

Using Essential Oils for Pets and cats, whether applying them topically or diffusing them throughout a room to promote sleep, immune function, relaxation, or for any other mental or physical improvement, ensure that thorough research is conducted regarding their benefits and side effects, especially when using them in pet care. You can buy online peppermint essential oil for dogs that are of great value in your pet care regime.