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Sense Of Serenity With Eco Aurous Lotus Oil

Any essential oil that is extracted from a flower symbolizes serenity, virtue, and peacefulness. The equivalent applies to lotus oil too. With rich measures of cancer prevention agents, diverse skin issues improving fixation and craving, the lotus oil advantages are bottomless.

It is one of those successful oils you should use in your everyday lives.

We should comprehend its compound structure, restorative properties, medical advantages, utilization, and substantially more.

Lotus oil is extracted from Lotus Flower petals and stem. It is an enduring sea-going herb of the Indian Origin. The plant has a slim, extended crawling stem with cup-molded flying, level gliding leaves and white to blushing blooms. Its blooms fluctuate in shading yet have a lovely fragrance.

The lotus oil is separated from dried lotus blooms through the procedure of steam refining.

Lotus essential oil is utilized for improving disposition, otherworldliness, and unwinding. Simply breathing in the fragrance of lotus oil can make a feeling of serenity.

Every piece of Lotus flower has been utilized as a restorative herb for more than 1500 years. The root is utilized as a tonic. The plant has been utilized in society medication for treating disease.

Lotus fundamental oil is gainful for contemplation and encourages profound relaxation. It has been accepted that the fragrance enacts Crown Chakra (identifying with genuine awareness). The lotus basic oil is a present for the individuals who are looking for profound development.

The most prominent benefits of Lotus Oil are :

  • Helps in improving skin texture
  • Helps in Relieving stress
  • Lowers blood pressure rate
  • Improves breathing
  • Helps in getting rid of acne
  • Activates the “crown” chakra and thus relieves stress muscles
  • Helps in insomnia
  • Helps in weight loss


Each essential oil is concentrated and subsequently, must be utilized with alert.

Topical Application: Lotus oil is sheltered to utilize topically. In any case, utilizing undiluted oil may cause pigmentation. In this way, consistently ensure you utilize the oil in higher weakening. It is prescribed to play out a fix test before you utilize the oil.

Fragrance based treatment: Always ensure you diffuse the oil utilizing a vaporizer or a diffuser. Try not to utilize the oil in a clogged spot.

Ingestion: Lotus fundamental oil is accepted to be sheltered when taken orally. Nonetheless, we emphatically prescribe you to counsel an expert doctor before utilizing it inside.

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