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Khadi Natural Herbal Papaya Soap (Pack of 4) 125gm by Eco aurous

1. Khadi Natural Herbal Papaya Soap has powerful antioxidant effect. It is loaded with nutrients and protects against skin damage. Wheatgerm oil has abundant anti-ageing properties that reduce premature ageing signs. Vegetable oil is a natural organic formula that helps moisturize and protect your skin. It also makes the skin healthy. Glycerine is a humectant that helps prevent moisture loss and hydrates the skin immediately.
2. Khadi Papaya Soap Ingrediants :- Purified Water, Glycerine, Vegetable Oils, Papaya extracts(Carica papaya)
3. Khadi Handmade Papaya Soap Direction Of Use :- Apply soap on wet body and face, rub to produce lather, then wash off.️
4. Khadi Natural Papaya Soap For All Skin Types
5. Khadi Papaya Soap no chemical no side effect. It is 100% pure & natural for daily use and for everyone


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